Board of Directors


2017 – 2018 Board of Directors


Michele Rowland

Joined: 2016

Vice Chair

Sean Power

Joined: 2016

Treasurer/Past Chair

Gerry Keenan

Joined: 2009

Secretary to the Board

Anna Naud

Joined: 2015

At Large

Shayne McCosh

Joined: 2014

At Large

Gord Hynds

Joined: 2017

2014-2015 Board of Directors

Saying good-bye to some of our board is always difficult, but board members do need to retire, unfortunately… ¬†We say good-bye to Michael Whiston (founding member – 13 years), Margaret Cox (9 years), Ford Quinlan (9 years), Brenda Colvin (7 years), Gord Foster (2 years), Jeff Walker (1 year)

Top row: Ford Quinlan, Shayne McCosh, Brenda Colvin, Sean Power, Mike Whiston, Gord Foster Bottom Row: Michele Rowland, Gerry Keenan, Jeff Walker, Margaret Cox

Habitat For Humanity Durham Sponsors

Brookfield Homes
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Frantastic Events
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Genworth Canada
National Partner & local Build Partner
Golder Associates
Build & Event Partner
Home Depot
National Partner, local ReStore & Build Partner
Moxie Trades
2015 Women in Power Ambassador & Build Partner
R. Havery Landscape & Custom Horticulture Contracting
Event Partner
Unifor Canada
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