Criteria of Eligibility


Habitat for Humanity empowers low-income families to build a hopeful future by breaking the cycle of poverty through affordable home ownership. Our purpose is to build homes with families and sell the houses at no profit and no interest to families who could not otherwise afford a home.

Habitat for Humanity Durham Inc. was formed to provide affordable home ownership in the Region of Durham. Our first home was built in Uxbridge and completed in 2006 and a second property in Oshawa in 2008. We are presently building a 24 townhouse complex in Oshawa called CentreTowne.

Please read the following criteria to determine if you are eligible for our program:

1. To qualify you must have housing need. (for example: poor heating, leaks in the roof, overcrowding, unsafe or unsanitary conditions)

2. First consideration is given to families who have lived in the Region of Durham for 2 years.

3. Your total family income should not be more than the following:

For a 3 member household $ 36,193 per year

For a 4 member household $ 43,942 per year

For a 5 member household $ 49,839 per year

For a 6 member household $ 56,209 per year

For a 7 member household $ 62,581 per year

More than 7 members, add $ 6,099 per year

4. With your permission, we will verify employment and other income, verify checking and savings account balances, get a statement from your current and previous landlords, have a credit check done, and ask you for credit references.

5. If you are approved for a Habitat for Humanity home, you will be required to join in programs to learn and practice budgeting, home repair / maintenance and our good neighbour program.

6. If approved for a home, we require that all adult (18 years and older) members in your household be willing to contribute a total of 500 hours of sweat equity. All of these hours must be completed before you can own the house.

7. If approved for a home, you will be responsible for the closing (legal) costs. You will have the time to save this money before closing if your family is selected. Your sweat equity must be completed prior to closing.

8. If you are approved for a home and if you meet the sweat-equity requirements, then we will sell you a home at Fair Market Value. Habitat house payments include Principal & Taxes. The monthly amount will be determined prior to final selection of the family. The house payments will be used to build more houses with other families. Like any other mortgager this payment is required to be made on time through MCAP and will be subject to penalty if you are not meeting the required payments.

If you are interested in Habitat for Humanity and if you believe you qualify for a home according to the above guidelines, we encourage you to participate in a Family Information Session. Applications will be received at this initial meeting and accepted at any time after the meeting.

All information received is considered confidential and is to be used only for family selection.

We are very willing to help you fill out this application at our Family Information Sessions.