Shop for a Kitchen at the ReStore

Shopping for kitchens can be tricky if you want to avoid burning a hole in your wallet. How do you balance finding something perfect for your home at a low price? Worry no more, shopping at a Habitat for Humanity ReStore can take the hassle away. Habitat ReStore offers new and gently used cupboards, cabinets and full kitchens! They are inspected by our volunteers and staff to be in clean and usable condition to meet the standards our customers expect. With our kitchens, you can expect savings up to 50% or more!

The benefits don’t stop at the savings!

Even more important than the great deals, is the support that you give Habitats for Humanity by shopping at one of our ReStore locations. Your contributions strengthen Habitats’ mission to help working, low income families find affordable housing and build a better life. In addition, when you buy from our ReStores, you prevent a usable condition from otherwise going towards one of our already crowded landfills.

Where to find a ReStore

You can find a Habitat for Humanity ReStore in these 3 locations that serve the Durham community.

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